Neurosurgery Changes Lives

Dr. Scott P. Leary - Neurosurgeon in San Diego

Surgery may relieve unrelenting pain from whiplash, other neck pain, and headaches.

It may mean restoring your lower back so you can lift your kids again, or simply return to work.

Repairing the structures surrounding the nerves that let us experience the world properly is our most important medical service goal. Back and neck pain can have many different causes. The pain can be acute, which generally accompanies an injury or illness, or chronic, which is a persistent pain that continues after the physiological cause for it no longer exists.

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Conservative care is always the preferred treatment method of pain, however conservative care may not be enough to treat the pain, especially when impending or irreversible damage to the spinal cord or nerves is present. After careful evaluation of the patient, Dr. Leary will present all treatment options available to treat the patient's specific diagnosis.

Often times pain can be markedly reduced by carefully following a specific course of treatments including physical therapy, weight loss, stretching or yoga. Other less invasive treatments may include corticoid steroid injections. Stress, both physical and psychological can also play a role in causing pain. These factors are also addressed and taken in to consideration when Dr. Leary is developing a specific treatment plan for his patients.