New Book: Lasting Impact

This book and story is a joint project between Miksa and the neurosurgeon that performed the life-saving operation on him, Scott P. Leary, M.D., it is important to note the initial feelings and impressions of this gifted surgeon.

In the introduction to this book, Leary states: “I was not confident the surgery would change anything. The damage appeared too extensive and too severe. But I thought it was worth a shot, and I hoped to convince John and his wife to let me proceed.” Dr. Leary further states: “Every so often, a seminal event occurs. Something that is wildly fantastic and entirely unpredictable. Many times, these events are referred to as miracles. Miracles, by definition, defy logic and transcend scientific reason. Such events surpass all known human powers and eclipse the laws of nature. They are supernatural.

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